We Offer Sound Insulation Movable Partition Walls for Hospitals

We are a German company that produces acoustic panels used in different sectors from the construction of university classrooms or schools in general, offices, hotels, restaurants, etc

During this period we have developed acoustic insulation panels designed specifically for the needs of the healthcare sector due to the health emergency.

They are movable divider panels that can be easily installed inside hospitals to divide beds, but also in other common areas of the hospital in order to divide spaces.

Our acoustic panels have 3 advantages:

1) They serve for the division of spaces

2) Acoustically isolate larger spaces

3) They are designed to be antibacterial and easy to clean

We produce the panels in different sizes and colors in order to be adaptable to different spaces and places. We can mount them on fixed supports or on mobile castors.

Our panels are sold in Germany and right now we are trying to expand our sales outside our borders. We are looking for business partners who have a network in the healthcare sector (hospitals, private clinics, etc.) and who are interested in offering our products in their market.

We can work with agents and distributors as long as they have experience and an important network in the medical sector.

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