Offering donkey milk soaps to European distributors

We are a small and young company based in Ireland.

We produce soaps in which the main ingredient is donkey milk, which has numerous benefits such as: excellent as exfoliating for the skin, rich in vitamins, less fat than cow milk, great for people who have sensitive skin.

Our soaps are not designed for large retailers but are designed for small shops such as gift shops, tourist shops, premium product stores, etc.

We do not produce soap bars, but small sculptures of different shapes, such as those of animals, cars, figurines, etc.

They have premium prices as they are designed as a gift and are a type of purchase for which the price is not the main variable, as the beauty of the item and the peculiarity of the object.

At this time our products are sold in many stores in Ireland that deal with this type of products. We are looking for distributors interested in distributing our soaps in their market. It is appropriate that the distributor has contacts with local shops that can such product category.

Offering donkey milk soaps to European distributors

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Cosmetics and Personal care

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