Offering LEDs for plant growth to international distributors and agents

We are an Italian company that specializes in the production of LEDs for a particular niche of the market.

Our LEDs are mainly used for plant growth:

1) Plant growth: we offer lights designed for greenhouses, or even for small domestic spaces. They are used to grow plants. We also offer a wifi version with which you can control the individual lamps.

2) Vegetable growth: LED lamps to grow certain types of vegetables. They are usually used in vertical gardens or greenhouses.

We are looking for international partners to expand our sales abroad.

Partners can be distributors who will have the task of selling our products in their market. Or we can also work with foreign sales agents.

Finally, we are also interested in collaborating with technicians or designers who are directly involved in installing our LEDs to the end customer.

Some of the advantages we offer are our long experience in producing this particular type of LEDs (20 years), and our ability and willingness to create highly customized products for the demanding specifications of end customers.

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Electronics and House appliances, Furniture and Design, Construction and Real Estate

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