Snack producer seeks business partners for export

We are an Italian company active in the food sector.

In particular, we specialized in producing and marketing gluten-free snacks.

Our mission is to sell snacks that are good and healthy, as an alternative to classic snacks that in most cases are unhealthy (e.g. chips)

Our product portfolio includes different types of snacks, all designed to be healthy products. We offer different types of snacks made from corn and with various flavors available: paprika, cheese, turmeric, etc.

Our snacks are all gluten-free. They are baked in the oven (and not fried) and are not treated with preserved or dyes.

The products are offered with different types of packaging that have been designed and designed to be eye-catching in order to be sold both in stores specializing in health foods, or in supermarkets, or also inside bars (HORECA).

Snacks are produced in Italy according to Italian and European rules regarding food production. We follow HACCP standards.

In addition, our products are IFS (International Food Standard) and BRC (British Retail Consortium) certification.

They are also certified as organic products, as well as vegetarian products.

Finally, we follow Kosher standards as well.

Currently, our products are sold in Italy, in other European Union markets, other far-east markets, and in Israel.

We would like to expand our sales in other countries of the EU and in

far east, in particular in China, South Korea, and Japan. Due to that, we are looking for new distributors and agents

Snack producer seeks business partners for export

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Europe, Singapore, China, Japan, South Korea


Food and Beverage

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