Waste processors for plastics and organics

We are a Japanese company that has developed and manufactures a device to treat both organic and plastic waste.

It is a very versatile device because it can transform different types of waste giving different types of output products. All this using water and energy in the form of heat (it is, therefore, a very clean process that does not burn waste)

Our dispositive produce different types of output from waste such as:

1) Animal food: can transform woody waste into farm animal food.

This is possible because the wood contains nutrients and if properly treated it is possible to transform these nutrients into animal food.

Our product is already successfully used in Japan.

2) Fuel from biomass

Another advantage of our device is that it is able to work even waste in bad conditions.

Our product is already used in Japan and we are looking for new customers in the European Union who are interested in distributing our product in their territory.

The end customers of the device are waste processing companies (private or municipal), hospitals, livestock farms, woodworking companies, food companies (which can thus treat the waste of processing), etc.

The distributor must have contacts with such companies.

Waste processors for plastics and organics

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