Joint Venture Partner in Florida wanted - Luxury furnishing solutions

We are Swiss-based designers of high-tech furniture accessories and are currently looking for a business partner in Florida who can bring technical and commercial skills to market our latest product. In particular, we expect expert advice on how to adapt our products to the specific needs of the local market, in order to provide users with a unique experience and seamless satisfaction.

Our solution can transform any closet into a connected and adaptive object, capable of offering unprecedented convenience and accessibility to its users. This product is initially intended for the luxury real estate market, hotels, as well as companies specializing in luxury residences for the elderly. Our product is also intended for people who need adapted furniture with great accessibility.

We are looking for a company that is already well established in the luxury furniture space and has the resources to market our product throughout Florida. The initial investment in the JV, which will have the exclusive concession for the State of Florida, is USD 100,000 for 50% of equity in common shares. The JV will be co-managed by us and our local partner in our mutual best interest.

If you are a furniture designer, interior architect, specialist in furniture and hotel decoration, you fit the profile we are looking for.

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