We are looking for high quality coffee distributors and other partners

We are a manufacturer of high-quality coffee that has been active for 5 years and is having great commercial success.

Right now, we have a coffee roastery owned by us and we have opened several coffee shops for greater integration downstream.

We are based in Lithuania and given the success in our home market, we are trying to sell in other countries of the European Union as well.

In this regard, we are looking for distributors who are interested in selling our coffee in their markets (our coffee is already exported in Russia, Latvia, and Poland).


We offer a wide range of coffee, with raw materials from various parts of the world (Ethiopia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, India, Papua New Guinea, Tanzania, etc), from this point of view we offer a lot of variety to suit a wide slice of consumers.

Our packaging is very attractive, and we have designed it to convey the premium image of our coffee. We can evaluate different branding solutions together with distributors and we can also evaluate the creation of different types of packaging.

We are looking for distributors who have experience in the industry, we are also interested in working with other subjects who have the potential and interest to sell our coffee such as grocery stores of quality products, shops specializing in coffee shops or cafes.

Our idea is to create a long-term collaboration with foreign partners.

We are looking for high quality coffee distributors and other partners

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