We are looking for agents/distributors for our women's clothes (premium range)

We are a textile company that deals with producing women's clothes.

Our dresses are sold with our brand that has a premium positioning.

We produce elegant women's dresses for the evening, elegant casual clothes, and even clothes designed for office work.

Our offer is very wide as models and colors and is continuously renewed (two collections/year). We offer a wide range of women's dresses from classic dress for the evening, trousers, jackets, etc

Our company has been active in the textile industry for more than 70 years and we are based in Lithuania. And we have collaborated with several important brands in the fashion industry in the production of textile garments. We have a long experience in producing premium designer garments.

More recently we launched our new brand of premium women's clothes and we are having great commercial feedback on the local market, but especially abroad. Almost all of our production is sold in the Nordic markets, France, Germany, the UK, and Canada.

We are looking for new agents, distributors, but also stores or chains of fashion stores that are interested in introducing our brand into their market.

We prefer to work with companies that already have experience working with foreign companies. We are interested in expanding our business in the Nordic countries, but also in France, the Netherlands, UK, and Austria.

We also look for business partners in the United States of America and Japan.

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# 1459

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United States, Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, Japan


Textile and Fashion

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