Looking for distributors/agents of canned food

We are looking for new agents and distributors in Europe specializing in the sale of food products.

We already have export experience and would like to increase our sales perimeter further.

We specialize in producing canned food (fruits and vegetables), we also have a wide selection of tomato sauce (various seasonings).

Examples of canned food we produce: grilled pepper, vegetable ragout, tomato paste, grilled vegetables, green peas, lecho, aubergine, marinated tomatoes, cucumbers, gherkins, chervil, and many more.

We carefully select raw materials and use only organic fertilizers.

We are based in Armenia.

We are looking for interested distributors/agents, but also fueled supermarket chains or food chain stores that want to expand their product range.

Looking for distributors/agents of canned food

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Food and Beverage

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