Outdoor use type High Vacuum Insulating Oil Purification Machine,Transformer Oil Purifier


A power transformer is most costly and essential equipment of an electrical transformer. So for getting high performance and long functional life of the transformer, it is desired to perform various maintenance activities. Transformer Oil Purifier is portable maintenance equipment, it is a process the reduces, or in fact, eliminates all the physical contaminants from oils by means of physical processes such as oil filtration, de-humidification, and degasification. Our transformer oil purification process effectively removes all those particles that are larger than 0.1 micron as well as most of the dissolved water and gases in the oil.

After treatment

Moisture PPM ≤3

Gas content % ≤0.01

Impurity size μ ≤1 (no free carbon)

Breakdown voltage kV ≥75

IFT dynes/cm ≥40

Acid value mgKOH/g ≤0.03

Dielectric loss factors tgδ(90°C) ≤0.001

Features: 1.A capability of reducing moisture content from 50ppm to 3ppm moisture and 12% gas content to less than 0.1% by volume. 98% of particulate matter will also be removed. 2. Double-Stage vacuum system,strong power of vacuum evacuating,ultimate vacuum value no more than 5Pa 3. Duplex-Stereo film evaporation technology,combined with unique and advanced dewatering,degassing components,can rapidly and effectively separate water, gas,from oil.

Opportunity reference

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Central & South America


Industrial, Professional Services and Consulting, Energy and Utilities

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