Sell - NEW Movable Clip - Telesc. 2M


Metal Movable Clip: PATENTED Design. Automatically move up when cutting branches! No need to take the clip apart! Save More work time!

* Large Cutting Capacity: This New Type Metal Automatically Movable Clip has more strength to cut living braces up to dia. 15mm. For Old type 3146, the plastic clip is fixed and must be taken apart if we want to cut larger branch and its max. cutting capacity is only 8mm compared to NEW TYPE's 15MM.

*6-sections telescopic aluminum handle

*180-degree Rotating handle for the best cutting position

*Available for adding the pruning saw to the head

*The blade with the "Auto-Movable Cut & Hold" feature for fruit and flower harvesting fast and easily


Blade: High carbon SK-5 steel blades, non-stick coated with Metal Auto-Movable CUT & HOLD CLIP

Handle:6 section Telescopic Aluminum handles, non-slip soft (TPR)grips

Cutting Capacity:15mm

Item No. 3146AB Original Length : 1300mm

Extended Length : 2000mm

Item No. 3146AB-1 Original Length: 1770mm

Extended Length: 3020mm

Sell - NEW Movable Clip - Telesc. 2M

Opportunity reference

# 1700

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Asia & Middle East


Leisure and Hospitality

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