Sell low temperature High performance standard constant temperature environment test


DTWL - 30G high precision thermostatic chamber (- 30℃~65℃/ - 30℃~75 ℃/ - 30℃~80 ℃) is a specially designed constant temperature chamber with air as the heat transfer medium. It has the technical capabilities of high temperature control accuracy, good uniformity of temperature field and small fluctuation . There are many temperature instruments that cannot contact the liquid constant temperature source, and are not suitable for Calibration in a constant temperature bath. The emergence of a high - temperature box solves the Calibration problem of such instruments and fills the gap of the constant temperature source and provides a complete solution.


◇ Using constant temperature liquid bath technology, the temperature field is more constant

Temperature control using liquid bath constant and other plate heating technology. After the liquid medium is controlled to a constant temperature in the constant temperature bath, it is circulated to the outside of the working cavity. Through the heat radiation method, the temperature of the working cavity is constant and uniform. The cooling method has a qualitative leap in temperature indicators.

◇ Intelligent

Integration of measure technology and internet of things technology, wifi remote control, making measurement easier.

High - definition touch screen control, multi touch, so improve the user experience.

One - key start, full automatic control.

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