Trading Solutions Firm, Central Europe, Seeking Buyers for Canola, Sola Panels, Woods

Dear Reader, let us have a conversation in understanding what your company needs are to provide you the easy and effective solutions to your agricultural and renewable energy problems.

We are a trading firm based in Central Europe, Frankfurt Germany, that wants to know what your clients needs are for the fields of Rapeseed Oils, natural timber resources, and Solar panels. We connect the Buyer with the Supplier with simple communication that leads to short and long-term sales active time response. Our mission is to meet your company values by connecting them with our list of reliable and proven manufactured suppliers that want to do business.

WE CONNECT Oils: Rapeseed Oils, Canola is an oilseed crop, soybean oil, in everything from drums to railcars, corn oil, Organic & Expeller oils, Olive oils, and Olive oil blends.

We CONNECT TIMBER: Commercial Species of Tropical Wood. Plywoods, hard types, soft types, and medium types. Example: mahogany, beams, joists, floors, frames, steps, hardware, plywood and sheet metal, sporting goods, tool handles, agricultural tools, containers, truck bodies, truck floors, naval building.Housing in general, trimmings, light packaging, musical instruments, handicrafts, moldings.

We CONNECT: Product: Rainbow Cells & Poly EG-M72-HE/BF-DG MONOCRYSTALLINE 144-CELL MODULE BIFACIAL, 435 ~ 455Wp, 1500V DC, 0~+3% with POSITIVE TOLERANCE.

Striving to connect you with long-term service and/or Manufacturing agreements with flexible trading services.

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Hong Kong, China, Japan, Kuwait, Qatar, Republic of Taiwan, United Arab Emirates


Basic materials, Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing, Energy and Utilities

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