Tristyrylphenol Ethoxylates CAS 99734-09-5

Tristyrylphenol Ethoxylates

Ethoxylated Polyarylphenol

Polyethylene Glycol Mono(Tristyrylphenyl)Ethers

Tristyrylphenol Ethoxylate+15EO,16EO,19EO,20EO,25EO,29EO,36EO,54EO

CAS No.:99734-09-5

HS Code: 34021300.90

Molecular Formula: C30H24O.(C2H4O)n

Chemical Code: CC5-CZ40

Properties and Uses:

1. Light yellow liquid or white cream. It becomes solid when the temperature is low.

2. Soluble in water and many kinds of organic solvents.

3. It has good emulsification, decontamination and moisturizing capacity. And it is an important hydrophilic group for compound agrochemical emulsifier.

Packing and Transport:

This product is flame resisting and nontoxic which can be shipped as an ordinary chemical product. Upload and handle with care to avoid collision.

As per specific customer needs(available in bulk & small volume),the product can be made available with customized packing, like in plastic drum, galvanized iron drum, IBC drum etc…


Quality guaranty period for the product is 1 year. Should be stored in dry and ventilated place.

Quality Specifications:

Type Appearance Water Percentage PH Value Cloud Point(°C) Remarks

601# Light yellow oily liquid ≤0.5% 5.0-7.0 60-65 1% H2O

602# Light yellow liquid or semi liquid ≤0.5% 5.0-7.0 80-85 1% H2O

603# Light yellow or white solid ≤0.5% 5.0-7.0 90-95 3% NaCl

604# Light yellow liquid or semi liquid ≤0.5% 5.0-7.0 54-56 1% H2O

605# Light yellow liquid or semi liquid ≤0.5% 5.0-7.0 70-75 1% H2O

Tristyrylphenol Ethoxylates CAS 99734-09-5

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# 1810

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Southeast Asia & Oceania


Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing

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Tristyrylphenol Ethoxylates CAS 99734-09-5

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