Financial Software Editor looking for Value-Added Resellers/Integrators

Who we are:

Founded in 2009, our company is a software editor with a track record of delivering robust, secure and modern packaged solutions to the financial sector. Over a decade of developing and editing banking software, compliance applications and other banking industry products have culminated in our professional packaged solutions. Our products are innovative and tackling the pitfalls of digital banking projects such as: Online Banking, Open Banking, ISO20022 financial messages real-time automation and SWIFT LTA management.

Alongside our clients, we want to reach business objectives and to exceed expectations, increasing end-to-end customer satisfaction while keeping a focus on cost efficiency and pragmatism.

We specialize in mid-sized financial institutions, however some of our clients are Fortune-100/Fortune-500 players in the financial industry.

We are looking for:

Business Partners acting as Value-Added Resellers and/or integrators used to work in the financial sector. Having a proven-track record of successful project in that area, you focus on customer satisfaction. You also foster long-term business relationships by promoting loyalty, respect and the real added value of your expertise.


We expect our future business partners to engage in their region leads and sales processes for our solutions, with our full support and experience. we offer an extremely attractive commission plan for both licenses and integration services.

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Europe, North America, Central & South America, South Africa, Australia, Israel, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates


Financial, Technology and Software

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